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  1. Is Price An Indication of Value?
    6.26.07 People often assume that a high priced item or service must be better than a lower cost alternative. Our latest blog examines what happens when that sort of logic is applied to software... Read More
  2. New Web site Launched
    7.01.07 Our new web site has gone live. We welcome any comments/feedback. Enjoy!
  3. Radio Ads
    7.10.07 Big Step Radio ads are on their way. Stay tuned for more information.
  4. Flash Only Web sites?
    7.17.07 Big Step weighs in on it's position regarding Flash Only Web sites. The good, the bad, and the practical... Read more 
  5. Personal Best Radio Site Launched
    8.10.07 We've completed a new website for Personal Best Radio a new show on KLAY. Visit the Site
  6. IP Address to IP Number Conversion
    8.01.07 Big Step gets geeky with its discussion of converting IP Addresses to IP Numbers in MS SQL... Read more

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