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Core Product Features

Website Administration
    1. Secure Browser Based Admin area.
    2. Easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor.
    3. Ability to easily upload images, documents, audio, flash, and other files.
    4. Complete control over website's navigation, structure and content.

Search Engine Optimization Features

    1. Advanced URL rewriting modules that allows you to control the URL of your pages.
    2. Standards based menu systems that is easily indexed by all major search engines.
    3. CSS based designs that maximize your code to content ratio and keyword density ensuring higher search engine rankings.
    4. Ability to control key page components such as title.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

    1. No requirement for expensive database software or dedicated servers.
    2. Compatible with any windows server running IIS and .net 2.0
    3. No contract. Unlike other products Quick Access CMS is not a hosted solution. There are no monthly fees or long term agreements to worry about. You are free to use and customize your site as needed.
    4. Maintenance free system. Once installed Quick Access will literally manage itself.
    5. Enables you to handle website updates in-house without the involvement of expensive web design or development firms.
    6. Extensive developer API. Our API allows moderately technically users to customize the functionality of the Quick Access System without having to be familiar with the underlying code.

Usability Features

    1. Standards based code that makes it easier for users with disabilities to use your website.
    2. Integrated bread crumb generation allows users to easily know exactly where they are in your site.
    3. Human friendly page URL's.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-662-3702
Fax: 1-800_662-3702
Email: info@firstbigstep.net

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