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Quick Access CMS Product Walk through

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All sensitive administration areas of Quick Access CMS are protected by a secure login system.

Protecting your content is something we take very seriously and is the reason why we have extensively tested our security model and continue to perform thorough security audits on any new code we introduce into the system.

Quick Access CMS puts you in control of who exactly has access to what areas of your site.

Once you have selected the document you want to Edit or where you would like to Add a new document, the integrated HTML editor will automatically load. As easy to use as your favorite word processing program, our HTML editor allows you to upload files, add links to other documents, format and style your text, and much more.

Our advanced URL rewriting modules allows you to specify the URL you would like for the page, what title you would like the page to use, or even allow the page to redirect the user to another site or a page outside of the Quick Access CMS system.

Quick Access CMS seeks to make common administration tasks quick and easy even if you aren't technologically savvy.

If you accidently put a file in the wrong directory or decide that you want to move an entire node of content, the "Move Content" feature offers a quick solution. Simply select "Move Content" and click on the node you want to move. Once you confirm your selection, the page you selected and any pages underneath it will automatically be moved to their new location on the site.

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