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Introducing Quick Access CMS

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Quick Access CMS

Quick Access Content Management System is a complete CMS designed by Big Step Consulting from the ground up to give non technical users complete control over their website. Specifically created for small to medium size businesses with limited technical resources and budget, Quick Access CMS is easy implement maintain and deploy. 

Quick Access CMS gives you and your staff total control over your website's structure and content. Through its easy to use web based inteface you can manage your entire site with point and click convenience. Edit pages, add new content, upload files, the possibilities are endless.  

Unlike other content management systems, Quick Access CMS takes search engine optimization and usability very seriously.  Most leading CMS's generate ackward links that are hard to remember and hurt your search engine rankings. Urls such as "getcontent.aspx?id=2283" confuse your users and lower your rank on many search engines. Quick Access CMS changes all this by allowing you to choose a human friendly URL that makes sense for each one of your pages.

Another unique aspect of Quick Access CMS is its blazing fast performance without requiring expensive backend database systems such as Microsoft SQL® or Oracle®.  By utilizing a virtual in memory database to store your site's content, Quick Access CMS is actually able to outperform most database driven content management systems. By being one of the few CMS's able to offer the high performance your website needs, with the low investment and overhead your organization wants, Quick Access CMS is a very unique product in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

For a complete list of features please visit our Product Features page, or take a quick Product Walk Through.

Quick Access CMS is available either as a stand alone product or in conjunction with Big Step Consultings web design and web development services. If you are interested in a demonstration of what Quick Access CMS & Big Step Consulting can offer to your organiztion we encourage you to contact us to setup a demo today!

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