Introducing LearningCart

Big Step is pleased to announce the release of its new site management system - LearningCart

Product Overview
LearningCart is a comprehensive framework that makes deploying and managing a complex web presence easy. That means completely integrated content manageament (CMS), ecommerce, blogging, SCORM compliant learning management system (LMS), web based administration, and much more all from a single system.

What Can LearningCart do?
LearningCart is designed to make it easy and affordable to bring advanced features to your organization's website. Sell access to digital files or scorm training, manage your site's content, engage your customers via blogs, all managed via a single easy to use interface. This and much more is possible with the LearningCart system. Specifically designed to be adaptable, LearningCart can easily be customized to meet your organizations needs

Fore more information visit the LearningCart website at:

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