Meeting Cost Calculator

The time and cost involved in meetings really adds up! It's easy to lose track of how much simple meetings are really costing your organization. A great way to keep your next meeting on track is to incorporate our meeting cost calculator. Simply enter the number of people attending, the average hourly rate of the people in attendance, start the timer, and see in real time as the cost starts to add up.

Click here to view an online demo. Either return to this site and use our online version or download the HTML file to your local machine. All code is contained in the single HTML file allowing you to quickly copy the file locally to either use or customize.

We are currently in process of integrating additional functionality so check back soon. The next release of this tool will include all the necesary code so your meeting time (along with who conducted the meeting) can automatically be recorded to a database for later reporting.

We welcome all bug reports and enhancement requests. Use our quick contact form to let us know what you think.

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