Application Development

At Big Step Consulting we are big fans of offloading repetitive labor intensive processes to computers. Most organizations have dozens of tasks performed by employees on a regular basis that are perfect candidates for being automated by a custom application.  Although it may appear on the surface that these tasks just "take a few moments" when you start adding up the yearly costs the numbers really begin to grow. A "small" task that takes just 2 hours a week suddenly balloons into over a 100 hours a year of lost productivity!

Whether you are losing time to having to run reports, enter data, or process information, Big Step Consulting can help streamline your process. Our Application Development services are much more affordable than most people imagine and quickly pay for themselves by reducing your employees lost productivity.

A few common areas we can help you streamline:

  1. Data entry
  2. Accounting
  3. Reporting 
  4. Information Processing & Formatting
  5. Systems integration



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