Environmental Commitment

It is up to all of us to take responsibility for our actions and do our part to minimize the negative impact we have on the environment and world. Because of this Big Step is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Below are a few ways we try to minimize the impact of our operations. We are always looking to do more and welcome ideas and suggestions.

Carbon Neutral Hosting & Operations
Big Step is proud to be completely carbon neutral starting in 2010. This extends not just to our offices but also to our server hosting environment. By reducing our emissions where possible and offsetting emissions where necessary, we are able to operate in an environmentally friendly manner without compromising our customers' experience. We currently are a CarbonFund business partner and have committed to offset at least 35 tons of carbon emissions this year by investing in renewable energy sources.

Recycling is a great start towards minimizing the amount of waste we use. At Big Step we are proud to not only recycle traditional waste products (paper, glass, aluminum, plastic) but also our used equipment. In recent years the improper disposal of business equipment has become an area of increased concern. Mercury, lead and chromium are just a few of the chemicals found in computers components. By working with 3R Technology in Seattle we are able to ensure that our used equipment is safely and properly disposed of.

Paper Reduction
The vast majority of our business operations are conducted electronically. We communicate via email, we invoice clients digitally, what little paper we do utilize internally is recycled. The solutions we build help extend waste reduction beyond our walls to our clients and their customers. Our eCommerce solutions for example make paper invoices and accounting completely obsolete. Our eLearning solutions make printed educational materials a thing of the past. We believe that helping our clients leverage technology to minimize their environmental impact is just one more small thing we can do to maximize the positive effect we have in the world.


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