Recent Projects

  • Microsoft- Big Step is pleased to provide a variety of ongoing development services to Microsoft including server hosting, development of properties, and internal tools and system maintenance/customization.
  • Michelob ULTRA- The new Michelob ULTRA website was a ground up reimagining Michelob's web presence. The project was a collaboration between ANTHEM (who provided creative direction) and Big Step (that provided core technology and development). The end product is a beautiful new CMS driven site with extensive Facebook integration.
  • Schawk Interactive- As a global leader in interactive technology with thousands of employees working on four continents, Schawk works for & with some of the biggest names in the business. Big Step was pleased recently to be chosen to assist them with database development services for one of their nationwide promotional campaigns.
  • World Vision came to us looking to enhance an outdated but critical MS Access database system that had far outgrown its original design. After working with them to analyze their data and identify the current systems shortcomings it quickly became clear a major upgrade was needed. To replace their Access system We built and implemented a new enterprise level solution utilizing MS SQL, and Reporting Services. The new web based system has delivered with significant improvements in security, stability, performanace and usability.
  • The Institute For Functional Medicine - IFM came to us needing a solution to a critical problem. They needed to migrate to a new Microsoft CRM system, but could not afford to loose the years of data they had in their existing CRM software. We worked with them to identify the data that was essential to their organization, and then wrote the necesary scripts to migrate that information from their existing software to the new CRM system. Start to finish we were able to complete this project in under 72 hours with absolutely no down time for their organization.



Just Some of our Happy Clients...