Web Design

Big Step Consulting creates great looking websites that are easy to use and easy to update. We utilize cutting edge tools and industry best practices to make sure our sites are scalable, search engine friendly and resistant to obsolescence.

As a virtual extension of your organization your website offers an important opportunity to engage customers and present a professional presence. Quite commonly a company’s website is the first (or only) interaction a new customer will have with your organization. Making sure that first experience is a positive one is crucial.

At Big Step we are pleased to serve a diverse group of clients – from small nonprofits to Fortune 500 corporations. Regardless of the size of your organization, we take your next web design project very seriously and can call on our extensive experience to help ensure it is a success. We go to great lengths to deliver websites that not only present a welcoming and professional image, but that are also tightly integrated into your organizations over all branding strategy, usable and intuitive, and that will scale well to meet your organization’s future goals

In an effort to ensure the success of each one of our clients, Big Step has developed a 4 step process to help us deliver a single repeatable result - great looking sites delivered on time and on budget. This 4 step process we affectionately call the 4 D's.

This is where we lay the foundation for your project and spend some time getting to know your organization. By exploring your goals, services, and client base, we gain valuable knowledge on how to approach your project and deliver results that will maximize your investment.

Based on what we learn about your organization we create a series of designs tailored to your goals and preferences. This an iterative process as we revise the designs based on your feedback. We revise the designs until you are 100% satisfied.

We use web standards and industry best practices to translate your site's concepts and design into a tangible website. This step is where our coding, usability testing and quality assurance processes all come into play.

Once the site has been approved by our client it’s ready to "go live". By ensuring that each one of our projects goes through the previous 3 steps we minimize any post release issues and ensure a smooth transition to your new site. For most of our clients the deployment of their new site is not the end of our relationship. We continue to work with them in a supportive role, performing maintenance, enhancements, and search engine optimization services on an ongoing basis.


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