eCommerce Development

As an Certified Developer Big Step is a name you can trust with a long track record of success. Over the years our eCommerce solutions have processed millions of dollars of transactions without a single incident of fraud. The majority of our eCommerce solutions are built utilizing our internally developed eCommerce platform. This pre-developed platform is highly customizable based on your organizations specific needs. By leveraging this existing solution we are able to offer a variety of advanced features while ensuring you will be able to achieve a quick return on your investment.

At Big Step Consulting our goal has always been to stay on top of technology so our clients don't have to. We take the time to get to know you and your business so we can help you make an informed decision on how to effectively translate technology into revenue. Through combining your vision with our technical expertise, we are able to help you tap into new markets and effectively and securely launch your online business.

Along with designing eCommerce systems to sell traditional physical products we also have extensive experience building niche eCommerce solutions to facilitate the sale and delivery of abstract products including:

  • Reoccurring membership fees.
  • One time or reoccurring donations.
  • Sale and delivery of virtual/downloadable products.
  • Paid Database/System access.
  • Sale and access to SCORM compliant training.
  • Online delivery & receipt of CEU credits.


Contact us today for a free demo of some our eCommerce solutions as well as a no commitment consultation. We love talking to customers and would love to make sure you start your next project off on the right foot.


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