Why Does eLearning Matter?

More than any other medium eLearning has the ability to cater to user’s needs regardless of their learning style. Online educational components can be specifically designed to engage visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners. Study after study confirms that well designed eLearning modules increase knowledge retention over traditional methods of education.

The current eLearning market is primarily dominated by large companies with high priced solutions. Big Step consulting is an exception in the marketplace offering robust customized solutions at affordable prices.

Big Step has extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes to develop competitively priced SCORM compliant eLearning modules. Whether you are looking to develop your training from scratch or simply need to transition your in person training to a web based module, we can help. We pride ourselves on working with our customers find the right course development approach that best fits their organization's specific needs and budget.

Big Step has in depth experience with the creation, customization, and implementation of SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems (LMSs). In fact we recently launched our own highly customizable LMS/CMS/Ecommerce system - LearningCart. This system allows organizations to deploy SCORM compliant training, manage their website & blogs through the integrated CMS, as well as sell products, eLearning modules and training via the ecommerce system.

If you are thinking of making an investment in eLearning consider the following benefits

  • Reduced Costs – With eLearning you no longer have to worry about the costs of reserving meeting rooms, lodging, travel, meals, print materials, or paying instructors to deliver in person training.
  • Self Paced - Users have the freedom to skip material they are already familiar with and spend extra time on subject areas they need to review.
  • Schedule Independent – Users are free to complete training on their own schedule.
  • Consistent Presentation – eLearning allows users the freedom to interactively learn, while still ensuring that your material is presented in a consistent format that covers all your key topics.
  • Reporting – eLearning modules, coupled with a learning management system allow you to quickly and easily assess the success of your educational programs as well offer value added services such as user certifications.

To learn more about our eLearning services and what we can bring to your next project, please contact us today.


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