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.net Development
Big Step consulting uses Microsoft .NET to add value by helping our customers extend their brand across multiple platforms including Web, desktop, and mobile.
Content/net_Development.aspx Certified
Big Step is proud to announce it has gained Certified Developer status.
Chage Permissions on Series of Folders
Tips on how to use icacls and a batch file to apply the same permissions to a series of sub folders..
Convert an IP Address to IP Number
Big Step gets geeky with its discussion of converting IP Addresses to IP Numbers in MS SQL.
Database Application Develoment
Database Development
Big Step will work with you to identify your company's goals and build scalable database solutions that meet your existing and future needs.
Ecommerce Development
Through combining your vision with our technical expertise, we are able to tap into new markets and effectively and securely launch your online business.
eLearning Development
Big Step offers robust customized solutions at affordable prices From the development and implementation of your organization's SCORM compliant learning management system to the creation of online learning modules, Big Step can help.
Hiding Drop Down Options
We recently were working on a development project where depending on what options a user selected we needed to hide values contained in a drop down list (the drop down list contained dates). The desire was to have the drop down filtered without posting back to the server. Our initial thought was to design the code to loop through the options and set the css visible property on the unneeded items to hidden so they would not be displayed...
Welcome to our home page!
Introducing LearningCart
LearningCart is a comprehensive framework that makes deploying and managing a complex web presence easy. That means completely integrated content manageament (CMS), ecommerce, blogging, SCORM compliant learning management system (LMS), web based administration, and much more all from a single system.
Now Serving Sacramento
Big Step Consulting expands into Sacramento with advanced web design, web development, and technology consulting services.
Our Services
At Big Step Consulting we believe that custom web technology services don't have to come with an astronomical price tag.
Our Technology
Price vs Value
Is Price An Indication of Value?People often assume that a high priced item or service must be better than a lower cost alternative. Our latest blog examines what happens when that sort of logic is applied to software.
Quickbooks Integration
Big Step's QuickBooks integration module allows you to seamlessly import customer data, invoices and payments from your online shopping cart into your QuickBooks financial software.
Recent Projects
Web Design, Web Development, Technology Consulting and much more. See a few examples of our recent work.
SQL Server Express
For many years a major argument against utilizing Microsoft SQL in small to medium sized businesses has been concerns regarding the initial investment. Microsoft SQL is a rather expensive piece of software and in many instances the desire to save money by going with a free open source alternative such as MySQL has won out.
Tacoma Rescue Mission
Big Step is pleased to be partnering this month with the Tacoma Rescue mission to help feed the homeless of Pierce County.
Technology Consulting
In need of impartial advice regarding your next IT project or investment? Not sure of where to even start? Big Step Consulting is ready and able to bring their real world experience to help ensure your next project is a complete success.
Web Design
Specializing in cutting edge web design, Big Step creates beautiful web sites that are scalable, easy to use, and easy to update.
Web Development
As a technology focused company web development is an area where we shine. We pride ourselves on being able to take your requirements and design a site that not only looks good and is easy to use but that meets your organizations specific technical needs.
What Will It Cost?
Why SCORM Still Matters For Educational Technology
eLearning is changing, but newer doesn't always mean better. In this article we take a look at some technology history and delve into why SCORM still matters.


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